Gramercy Star Quilt

I have been making my Gramercy Star quilt for over a year now (it is still in progress) and after requests for the pattern, I have included below 2 pdf's that I have used to make it.

This is intended as a quick review of the quilt I am making an not as a set of instructions as to how to make it.

You can follow the progress on it over on Instagram here. The pattern is from an Islamic tile design that I found on Pinterest and my husband kindly turned it into a line drawing using Adobe Illustrator which turned out to be quite a job!

I have used foundation paper piecing for the first time, using this tutorial on YouTube to get me started. Initially the process seemed impossible but actually once you have got to grips with it, it is incredibly straight forward, and most importantly accurate.

I used the Gramercy Collection by Leah Duncan, all gone now - but check out her latest collections here.

I planned to use the darkest tones on the stars, medium on the ring of pattern around the inside of the ring of stars and then a brighter stand out colour on the main central stars - alternating these between yellow and teal. Also using different colours on each yellow or teal star block and fussy cutting the points at which these join, with mixed success.

If I were making it again, I would make the the ring of stars stand out more, maybe make use of more solids, get a bit more fussy with that fussy cutting, use a bolder colour in the centre of the main stars. Maybe next time...

I couldn't have made this without an add-a-quarter rule, enabling me to accurately trim quarter inch seams. Or without foundation papers available here. And a patchwork ruler for trimming the seams to a quarter inch here.

I have included selected photos to hopefully show how the individual pieces of the template fit together, take some time to figure out how it all works.

If you use my templates, enjoy and do share what you make, but I would be grateful if you link back/credit to M is for make, the pattern and accompanying images are not for re-sale or onward distribution. Please do not post the templates on your blog or anywhere else on the interwebs, but linking to them is fine.

The PDF's are for the size that I made, (the Illustrator files are not available) you may be able to re-size when printing, but these give a block of size 41cm x 41cm. The numbers on the templates were my initial thoughts on which order to sew the pieces, but I didn't follow these. The two parts of the template join together to make one quarter of the block, make 4 of these for a whole block.



Part one of the template

Part two of the template