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The Tabor V-Neck Pattern

  • The Tabor V-Neck is a simple yet versatile style that is as dressed up or casual as you’d like to make it. It is a loose fitting, drop shoulder tee or sweater that is built for comfort while looking smart. With many different options for sleeves, necklines and body lengths, you can make a Tabor V-neck for every season.

    Due to its wide, oversized body width, the Tabor V-Neck T-shirts are most flattering when sewn in a light-weight, fluid knit fabric with at least 25% stretch such as rayon, bamboo or soy knits while the sweaters are best with sweater knits that also have at least 25% stretch however, do not have a high lycra content (6% or above) or have too much stretch recovery. This is to allow the wide neckband to perform at its finest without puckering or gathering. Options & Features: drop shoulders, loose fitting through the body

    Skill level: Intermediate

    Size: 0-20 (US sizing)
    Designer: Sew House Seven

  • Versions 1-3: light weight, fluid knit fabrics with at least 25% stretch Version 4-5:sweater knit fabrics with at least 25% stretch